What is the age range of children in the nursery?

Children from newborn to age 2 may use the Li’l Angels nursery. After the child has turned 2, there is a special class for them in the 2 & 3 year toddler nursery. 

Can my older child stay in the nursery too?

Unless the child is 2 or under, they may not stay in the nursery.  

What type of equipment is available for the infant to use?

We have baby-safe toys, a swing, bassinet, and changing table with pads, wipes, extra diapers, hand sanitizer, and towels available. 

What do the toddlers do in the nursery?

The toddlers have a wide variety of toys to play with. While there is no official lesson, the volunteers will show your children the love of Jesus as they play with them, speak to them, and care for them.  

What should I do when I drop my child in the nursery?

Be sure to indicate to the volunteer which diaper bag, coat, etc. belong to your child. You will be given a pager so that we can notify you if your child cannot be calmed or in case of an emergency. Please do not enter the nursery with shoes on, as we want to keep the new carpet as clean as possible for your little ones.  

What do the nursery volunteers need to know about my child?

What is his/her name? Can he/she have a snack? What type? Is one provided? Does your child have any allergies? Where will you be sitting in the service if needed? The first time you bring your child, you will be asked to fill out an index card with all of this information. The card will be kept on file, so we do not have to ask these questions every time. 

If my child is ill, can I still bring him to the nursery?

It is not healthy for the other children to be around others who have fevers, coughs, colds, or other contagious illnesses. If your child has been free of fever for at least 24 hours, he may come to the church nursery. If he has a severe cough or cold, we ask that you keep him with you to avoid infecting other children. 

Can I supply a snack for my child?

Yes, but please make sure they are not messy, as there is new carpet that we want to keep clean for your children. We would appreciate it if you could label his drink/bottle/pacifier with his name so we can keep things sanitary.