Our Church/School campus is located at 780 Juniper Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385. In the heart of the South Haven community. For directions using Google Maps simply click the map above.

Service Times

9:00AM - Sunday School
10:00AM - Worship Service

7:00PM - Bible Study

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Bringing our faith back to life

Family Circus

Biblical Tools for making our families the Greatest Show on Earth.

He Will Be Called

The names given to our Savior were not given randomly, they meant something then and they still mean something now.

Oh The Places you Will Go

Missions made simple.


A Biblical response to the call of Church Leadership

When Trusting God Is Tough

Understanding what it means to wrestle with God the right way, especially through the difficult times in our lives.

Generous Living

Reflecting our Faith through the Generosity of our lives.

Love Rollercoaster

Understanding how God continues to fix the ride that humanity continues to try to derail.

Milk: The ABCDs of Salvation

Simple truths of the faith that are easy to remember, but also easy to forget the power these truths possess.

Famous Last Words

We look at famous last words from the people closest to Jesus before His death.

Building Blocks

Building our faith God's way

Shock Culture

Being and Intentional Church Within Our "Jerusalem".

Christmas Light

Understanding what the Light of the World has done for us.

Destination: Missions

Wanting God more so His Good News can go to all nations

H2O: A Journey Of Faith

We explore how we can share the love of God with a world that desperately needs it.

Accidental Pharisee

Have followers of Christ unintentionally started to look more like Pharisees?

Me & God

Simple truths of God's word can sometimes be over looked.

Mind Games

How does the mentality that we bring affect our relationship with Christ?

Pray Like This...

Take an in-depth look at how Jesus taught us to pray.


What is God's unconditional love? And what does that love mean to you?

Relationship Issues

We take an in depth look at the people of Israel and see what we can learn from when they doubted God.

Where We Go From Here

We unwrap clearly the direction God is leading SHCC, and what it means to be a part of that vision.