Doug was born in Munster, Indiana. He went to Christian elementary and high schools, and after graduation, entered immediately into Lincoln Christian College (LCC) on a ministerial program. He held a variety of jobs to put himself through college and graduated from LCC. He had already started preaching by the middle of his junior year of college at a little church in central Illinois, and has been preaching ever since. Doug and Cheryl were married in Lansing, IL, and he thinks of her as his best friend and partner. 

Doug served as the Senior Minister for South Haven Christian Church from September 1970 – August 1984.

Doug and Cheryl have been in Florida since 1994, when he served as the Senior Minister for Adventure Christian Church and for Welcome Home Christian Church.


Trent A. Wilson was born and raised in South Haven and South Haven Christian Church. An alum of SHCC's Christian School from 2004 to 2016, Trent knows everything there is to know about the youth ministry of our congregation.

The youth are the backbone of our future, and he wants to ensure that they are given the proper spiritual foundation and opportunities. Trent is very thankful to be working as the Interim Student Ministry Leader of SHCC and hopes to continue growing our current youth group, the FORTRESS Student Ministry.

In his spare time, Trent is quite the nerd, often spending his free time writing, playing games of all varieties, and planning awesome events with his "right hand man" and best friend, Jonathan Otano, a fellow member of SHCC who volunteers in our youth program.