Immersed Believers in Christ:

If you have accepted Jesus Christ through Christian baptism (immersion), you may place your membership with us at any time.

Our preference is for you to come forward during the song of decision immediately following the Sunday morning sermon. You will be introduced to the congregation, asked to acknowledge your faith in Christ by confessing Him as the Son of the living God, and welcomed into this family of believers which makes up South Haven Christian Church.

Membership can also be placed with this congregation through verbal request made to the preaching minister. We would still, however, like to introduce you to the congregation at the earliest opportunity.

Non-immersed Believers in Christ:

Many sincere believers in Christ have never been immersed in water. The New Testament however, teaches this as an imperative to accepting Christ. As a result, we here at SHCC require it for church membership.

The form of baptism as taught in the New Testament is by immersion.

  • Going down into the water (Acts 2:38)
  • Coming up out of the water (Acts 2:39)
  • A form of burial (Romans 6:4)
  • A form of resurrection (Romans 6:4)

Also, the original meaning of the word “baptize” means “to dip, immerse or plunge.”

Jesus included baptism in His “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:19-20)

Because baptism is such a vital component of accepting Christ, we want to comply carefully with the Bible’s teaching.

Those Who Have Not Yet Accepted Christ:

If you haven’t accepted Christ as Savior and Lord, it is required of you in order to become a member of SHCC.

The following is what we believe to be the Bible’s teaching on God’s plan of salvation:

  • Believe in God, and in Jesus as the Son of God. Believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sins, was buried, rose from the dead and that He is someday coming back for His church.
  • Repent of your sins. Be willing to change your attitude and actions to conform to God’s will.
  • Confess Christ as the Son of the living God in the presence of others.
  • Be immersed into Christ.

When these steps are complied with, you need only state your desire to place membership with this congregation.


Church membership is important. It provides a sense of belonging to a spiritual family. It opens the door to opportunities of Christian service. It is required at SHCC for positions of teaching and leadership.

Membership at SHCC carries the same requirements the New Testament sets forth as terms of membership in Christ’s body, His Church—the same requirements as for salvation.

When these requirements have been met, it is then just a matter of expressing your desire to unite with this congregation.

Want To Know More?

Please don’t hesitate to seek out more information about becoming a member of SHCC. If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to contact the church directly at 219.759.2575. We look forward to talking with you and welcoming you into our local body of believers.