Our Church/School campus is located at 780 Juniper Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385. In the heart of the South Haven community. For directions using Google Maps simply click the map above.

Service Times

9:00AM - Sunday School
10:00AM - Worship Service

7:00PM - Bible Study


He Will Be Called

The names given to our Savior were not given randomly, they meant something then and they still mean something now.

12.31.17 - Immanuel SERIES 12.31.17 - Immanuel

God's redemptive plan is found only through One. It is only Jesus that…

12.17.17 - Everlasting Father SERIES 12.17.17 - Everlasting Father

Our context of what "father" means will never match up to what it means…

12.10.17 - Mighty God SERIES 12.10.17 - Mighty God

Jesus is God. That truth should only cause us to be more in awe of our…

12.3.17 - Wonderful Counselor SERIES 12.3.17 - Wonderful Counselor

As odd of a title as "Wonderful Counselor" is, the more we reflect on the…