Our Church/School campus is located at 780 Juniper Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385. In the heart of the South Haven community. For directions using Google Maps simply click the map above.

Service Times

9:00AM - Sunday School
10:00AM - Worship Service

7:00PM - Bible Study


Milk: The ABCDs of Salvation

We take a look at some of the simple truths of our faith. These truths may be easy to remember, but also easy to forget just how powerful these truths really are.

5.29.17 - "D" Is For Dunked (Baptism) SERIES 5.29.17 - "D" Is For Dunked (Baptism)

Understanding God's plan of baptism through the baptism examples of others…

5.21.17 - "C" Is For Confession (Repentance) SERIES 5.21.17 - "C" Is For Confession (Repentance)

If we confess and repent all that we are, God will transform our lives…

5.14.17 - "B" Is For Belief (Faith) SERIES 5.14.17 - "B" Is For Belief (Faith)

Belief sounds common enough, but do we really know what we are saying when…

5.7.17 - "A" Is For Acceptance SERIES 5.7.17 - "A" Is For Acceptance

The first step in our faith is accepting Jesus, and realizing what that…