Our Church/School campus is located at 780 Juniper Rd, Valparaiso, IN 46385. In the heart of the South Haven community. For directions using Google Maps simply click the map above.

Service Times

9:00AM - Sunday School
10:00AM - Worship Service

7:00PM - Bible Study


H2O: A Journey Of Faith

We live in a world that is thirsty. We serve a God with living water. We dive into a new series empowering us to share God's love with a world that desperately needs it.

10.30.16 - One Journey, Together SERIES 10.30.16 - One Journey, Together

There is power in unity. When the church is united in their efforts to…

10.23.16 - Drink SERIES 10.23.16 - Drink

The faith that we have in Jesus requires us to move into action. But why…

10.16.16 - Drowning SERIES 10.16.16 - Drowning

Sin is a constant struggle for all of us. It constantly wants to drag us…

10.9.16 - Mirage SERIES 10.9.16 - Mirage

It can be easy to take aspects of our faith for granted. It can be easy…

10.2.16 - Pure SERIES 10.2.16 - Pure

Mike Owney shares with us the importance of maintaining purity in the message…

9.25.16 - Source SERIES 9.25.16 - Source

When we are trying to be witnesses for Jesus we must remember where the…

9.18.16 - Polluted SERIES 9.18.16 - Polluted

As we grow in our spiritual walk we must remember that all focus belongs…

9.11.16 - Our Influence Bubble SERIES 9.11.16 - Our Influence Bubble

Whether it be cashiers, bank tellers, or waiters and waitresses there are…

9.4.16 - Too Close For Comfort SERIES 9.4.16 - Too Close For Comfort

We tackle the question of how we can share God's love with those family…